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Welcome to Artisan Jewellery. Reach out to us at IG: @artisanjewel or Whatsapp at 9863 2838 for enquiries.
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About Us

About Us


From the start to end,
we've got you covered

Trusted. Professional. Reliable

Years of experience, life, and care will culminate in this token and expression of commitment and love. We give every piece nothing short of our very best. Crafting your unique dream piece, meticulously, leaving no detail out. Our story is only a reflection of yours. Come on down and indulge in the Artisan Jewellery experience.


The Craftsman.
The Legacy

Our Master Craftsman, Master Nip, Has been in the jewellery crafting industry for over 48 years. He set his eyes on jewellery crafting. Starting his journey as an apprentice, he slowly picked up skills and solidified his foundation of jewellery making.


In 1979, Master Nip was recruited to build up the jewellery industry of Singapore. Master Nip was known in the industry for his exceptional skills, precision, speed and knowledge.


Years later, he was hired to head the manufacturing department of JIS. At that time JIS’ main client were the elites if society and royalties. Master Nip was specially tasked to craft and oversee the jewellery projects for the Royalties.


Now, he decided to come out of manufacturing, freelancing and Established Artisan Jewellery with his son, promising to offer client quality Handcrafted jewellery and spreading his crafts in form of Engagement rings and wedding bands.​



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